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Co-exist with the nature and water of Kumamoto, Create energy and a better future Based on the “MOTTAINAI!*”spirit, we treat food oil waste previously considered industrial waste. as a source of energy. Food oil waste becomes a renewable energy that co-exists with the nature and water of Kumamoto.

*MOTTAINAI is a Japanese concept urging us not to waste things which still be useful.


A society full of natural energy, in which all living things coexist comfortably and both humans and nature are radiantly beautiful. The "ReESEL" we produce is the highest quality bio-diesel fuel in Japan and contributes to a sustainable system of local production, local consumption, and local economic benefits.

By creating food oil waste collection centers, connections between people within the community are created, which will support the local community in case of disasters which which make it difficult to obtain energy.

By creating the best quality energy, we can offer a renewable energy good for Kumamoto, for Kyushu, for Japan, and even for the world. By doing this, we aim to create an earth which is comfortable for all living things,where humans and nature can be radiantly beautiful.


With a responsibility to society and the future, we aim to create a market sympathetic to a sustainable society in the spirit of "Best for the Future" Nature & Future Inc. aims to create a sympathetic market for a sustainable society. In other words, a society
emphasizing "Best for the Future" and a social business market which aims for a future good for all - good for the ecology, good for society and good for the future. Much more than Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we emphasize SFR (Social Future Responsibility). We aim to create an era of responsibility for society and the future.

Beautiful Future

A "Beautiful Future Equation" is our action guideline to realize a sustainable society.

In order to create a beautiful future, it is important that each individual take action, search for beautiful living, connect with one another, and talk about their dreams.

"Love" is an essential all of the above.

Nothing is

At Nature & Future Inc, food oil waste is reborn as a wonderful energy to contribute to the region, to society and to the future. However, this is not only an energy. Like connecting dots, if we work hard on faces us today it will connect to the future. This is an important way of thinking unique to our company.


Nature & Future Inc's corporate logo A logo of Nature & Future Inc. is an expression of our company's mission based on the the 3 elements to "Co-exist with Kumamoto's nature and water and create a new energy for a future"

The blue element on the left represents the abundant water resources in Kumamoto. In the city of Kumamoto, tap-water is 100 percent underground water. If you look at Kumamoto prefecture, there are many places selected as 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Water spots. This expresses our wish to protect important water necessary for life.

The green element in the center represents the abundant nature in Kumamoto. Kumamoto is an agriculture prefecture blessed with natural resources around Mt Aso. This expresses that through our business, we would like to maintain this magnificent nature for the future.

The orange element on the right represents the technology of Nature & Future Inc. It expresses our wish to realize a sustainable society by collecting food oil waste from people in the region and with our advanced technology creating a "Socially Responsible Energy"

The center part of the logo is the shape of Kumamoto Prefecture, because we want to express that we are a community-rooted company. Our dream is to expand beyond regional production and consumption in Kumamoto to Kyushu, Japan and to the world.

WAKUWAKU Oil-Field Project project logo Wakuwaku Oil-Field Project symbolizes the policy of creating a beautiful future together with our community and it contains the following three concepts.

"Sense of excitement that energy gushes out everywhere, like water"
"Sense of excitement that we can create energy by ourselves"
"Sense of excitement that we create a beautiful future"

ReESEL Brand logo ReESEL (Riesel) is an abbreviation for Recyle Ester Diesel Fuel, which is our original high grade biodiesel fuel boasting 99.9% purity. With our unique purification system, this energy of ours has advantages such as zero CO2 emissions, and reduced levels of black smoke and nitrogen oxides.