Nature & Future Inc.

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Mirai-chan, Teach Me!

Hello. My name is "Mirai". Mirai means future in Japanese.
I came from a beautiful future because I want you to know about this company!

Q.1What is ReESEL fuel made of?

It is made from disposed food oil, which has been used for cooking deep-fried food like tempura.

Q.2How much fuel can be made from our food oil waste?

About 100,000 tons a year of food oil waste comes from the cooking we do at home here in Japan. About 80 to 90 percent of that oil can be made into ReESEL fuel.

Q.3Can we use any kind of food oil?

If it is a vegetable oil such as soy, sun-flower, sesami, rice oil, it can be used to make ReESEL.

Q.4Why are you collecting disposed food oil?

We can decrease waste and create an energy which we need that is also good for the earth and those who use it.

Q.5How is it good for us?

It contains very little sulphur oxide, which can cause allergies, so even if you inhale the exhaust gas from this fuel, it is almost harmless. Also, no CO2emission is produced. Zero. It will also prevent acid rain, so it is good for earth. We can create a energy good for all living things without making holes in the earth.

Q.6What can we use the fuel for?

You can use it for anything which has a diesel engine such as trucks, buses, farm machines, generators, heavy machinery, boilers and even ships!

Q.7Where should we bring the food oil waste?

Supermarkets or restaurants near your house cooperate in setting up space to collect the disposed food oil. We call these our 'oil-field spots'. Please bring the oil waste there.

Q.8Can an 'oil-field spot' be set up anywhere?

We are looking for any organization which will cooperate in collecting oil, such as local supermarkets, hospitals, universities, companies, banks, restaurants, community centers, etc.

Q.9How should we bring the food oil waste?

Use the bottle the food oil came in, or wash a plastic bottle and dry it very well and then put the used food oil in it to bring to the collection spot.

Q.10What happens to the disposed food oil at the oil-field spot?

A truck from Nature & Future Inc. will bring it to a fuel production factory.

Q.11Can you we see what happen at the fuel production factory?

Of course you can! Please request in advance. We will explain how your disposed food oil will be reborn as fuel while you tour the factory.

Q.12What kind of fuel is created in the factory?

It is a colorless and transparent energy good for the future and you can use it for a new types of engines too.

Q.13What would happen if everyone used this energy?

We could create a sustainable society for the future, which people, money and energy will circulate locally or regionally.

Q.14What is the difference with regular diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel is a limited resource of the earth. ReESEL fuel is a sustainable resource which you can continue to create and it is a good fuel for both the earth and mankind.

Q.15Why is your company Nature & Future Inc. doing this?

Human beings are alive because of the blessings of nature. If there is no nature, we cannot have the meals we look forward to every day. We are doing this in order to realize a society which can live in harmony with the earth.