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Community Initiative Introducing WAKUWAKU oil-field spots

"Oil-fields" created by local people who care Collecting food oil waste to be refined into energy that will light up the future. This system is called "WAKUWAKU Oil-field Spot." On this page, we introduce companies and organizations which support "WAKUWAKU Oil-field Spots" by setting up collection boxes for household food oil waste or by supplying food oil waste.

*Nature & Future Inc. is always looking for supporters of or participants in the "WAKUWAKU Oil-field Spots."
If you are interested in this as an activity for SFR (Social Future Responsibility), please feel free to contact us.

Irifune Ichiba (Supermarket)

Hoshiko CEO and I became kindred spiritswhen we met at the "Oil-fields for Kumamoto Prefecture! Kumamoto WAKUWAKU Oil-field Project" in 2012

We have been in business as a fruit, vegetable and comprehensive food wholesale market for a long time, but we asked ourselves "what can we do to help the local community?" We wanted to make a community-based social contribution. While we were thinking about sustainability and the environment initiative, we met Hoshiko CEO from Nature & Future Inc. This is the reason why we started to support collecting disposed food oil.

If you dispose food oil waste into a kitchen sink, it needs to go through the sewage system requiring a lot of labor and cost, and more than that, it is very bad for the environment. Even if it is a very little amount of food oil waste, you can bring it to our cash registers. We joined as the first collection spot for "Kumamoto WAKUWAKU Oil-field Spot." A disposed food oil collection spot, an oil processing company and local citizens became connected through this initiative, and no one had to go through a hardship!

We made announcements in our supermarket every 15 minutes everyday to start educating our customers. Within three months (June-September 2012) we were able to collect 10,000 liters (about same amount as 50 drum cans) and people's environmental awareness increased!

By promoting environmental friendly local products, we would like to deepen Kumamoto people's awareness regarding nature and the environment even from daily shopping.

Koko Cafe Local community

Energy from our household! You can feel the effect on the future. Joy to join an initiative which actually contributes to the future.

Aya Hoshiko CEO's talk in Koko Cafe (small study group and lunch meeting for mothers) was an awakening for me. I wanted to support her after listening to her story about overcoming hardships and opposition, yet always moving forward for the future and a beautiful earth environment.

Food oil waste from my kitchen can be a renewable energy! I am happy to join this initiative because you can actually feel the effect. One of the participants, Nozomi Komorida said "I didn't cook so much deep-fried food, since I thought getting rid of the food oil waste was troublesome. After I joined this initiative and know that food oil waste is being reused, I cook more deep-fried food. I also talked with friends and relatives about this initiative and they also agreed to collect food oil waste." She is also spreading this initiative.

I hope our "Wakuwaku Oil-field" initiative which will spread to the world. I also have a new hope that "I want to ride a car which uses energy made out of food oil waste from my house". I hope society changes and both my wishes come true.

Kumamoto Gakuen University

I hope our "Wakuwaku Oil-field" initiative which will spread to the world. I also have a new hope that "I want to ride a car which uses energy made out of food oil waste from my house". I hope society changes and both my wishes come true.

The "KGU Oil-field Project." is run by students as a project to achieve a "green campus." Every month 40-50 liters of food oil waste from school cafeterias is recycled into high quality biodiesel fuel which is used as a fuel for the university's mini-bus.

This project provides hands-on educational material for students studying "Environmental Theory" to understand the meaning of a sustainable society. In the school cafeterias, they also use rice grown using groundwater from Shirakawa basin so they also attempt water-offset at the same time.

Higo Bank Takuma Branch

We will support your business and the local people aiming to realize a clean, recycling-oriented society.

We set the environmental policy that each employee broadens the rich and bright regional social development for Kumamoto's pleasant future through environmental conservation activities in order to take over the important natural heritage of the hometown of Kumamoto, such as Aso, the world-famous Kumamoto water source and the soft groundwater that is the drinking water for 1 million people in the Kumamoto metropolitan area.

All of our staff, from familiar places, will support you and the local people who aim to realize a clean recycling society for the nature and the future of Kumamoto.

Higo Bank Takuma Branch
General Manager and Takuma Branch Manager
Hideki Sakata

Ristrante Miyamoto

Participation to the project as an oil-field spot is one of the best choices as a social contribution that restaurants can easily work on.

The etymology of the word “Restaurant” is French, which comes from the meaning of "recovering / restoring". It is a word derived from an idea indicating a place where people enjoy meals, forgetting everyday suffering and stress and where travelers relieve the weariness of the journey. We throw away a large amount of garbage every day, while striving to provide our customers a little pleasure in their daily lives. This is not evitable, however we began to have doubts that we might be polluting the earth even though our job is "restoring" people.

We met the President Hoshiko and sympathized with his ideas and came to think of the possibility to alleviate our work of polluting the earth, which is unavoidable, by being an oil-field spot, although it may be trivial, and even if the effect is a little.

Sakuranoen Natural cultivated tea farmer

There is no feeling of guilt like when using fossil fuel so we are very satisfied with the improvement of the product quality.

Although I wanted to try using biodiesel fuel before, I did not introduce it because no one around me was using it and I was feeling anxiety about it, as well. In such a circumstance, I met Mr. Hoshiko through my friend and was impressed how passionate he was.

When I actually used ReESEL, I did not feel guilty like when using fossil fuels and felt very good about it. Thanks to ReESEL, the quality of our products has improved, which I am very satisfied with. It is one of the boasts of our farm that we can use this environmentally friendly fuel!

Mr. Osugi Farmer

Since I am engaged in small size agriculture, I cultivate the field using a cultivator. When using a cultivator, it is inevitable to inhale the exhaust gas while working, but Nature & Future's "ReESEL" only smells a bit like cooking oil and does not make me feel bad. I think it also has good effect on the crop.

I think that ReESEL, the energy that reuses edible waste oil and runs a diesel engine, is an excellent environmentally friendly fuel.

WAKUWAKU oil-field spots list * Can bring waste edible oil of general households

Irifune Ichiba
91-2 Natatsuka Ueki-machi, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-273-5100   MAP
Natural & harmonic Purely
15 Nakatoujin-machi, Chuou-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-323-1551   MAP
Marushoku Hotakubo store
1-2-51 Hotakubo, Chuou-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-381-8300   MAP
A corp Kumamoto
2-25-57 Takahira, Kita-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-344-6337   MAP
Kumamoto Driving School
6-25 Kusunoki, Kita-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Phone: 0120-373-634   MAP
Superstore Dainobu Hagiwara store
2-5 Hagiwara-machi, Chuou-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-334-3400   MAP
Superstore Dainobu Jonan store
430-1 Shimomiyaji, Jonan-machi Minami-ku, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-964-28-2033   MAP
Kousa shopping park Saikou
640 Toyouchi, Kouza-machi Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-235-8055   MAP
Bio Tenshou Nishikigaoka
14-16 Nishikigaoka, Higashi-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-374-6786   MAP
Ikeda Community Center
3-15-55 Kamikumamoto, Nishi-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-328-8668   MAP