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Please support us to spread the concept of and establish WAKUWAKU Oil-field Spots.
What you get in return is a "beautiful future"

In order to realize "a beautiful future", Nature & Future Inc. participates in various events and discussions daily. One key policy grew from these experiences and that is "we will work with local leaders committed to working in local communities and who also can share our vision of a beautiful future".

Connections with female community leaders who are highly aware of the problems facing the environment have been key to establishing WAKUWAKU Oil-field Spots. We will continue to support local leaders to help them stay active in their communities.

Companies and organizations we support

Patch-work Project for the Future

Yuzuriha provides a venue for people to gather, learn and through communication create hope

Social Funding Project

This project is to create a flow of "warm-hearted money" for the local community, the next generation and others. We don't just provide funding, but we also help support creating good relations between people.

Community Development Support Project

Participative community development project in which local citizens play the main role. We aim to support creating a system in which manpower, goods and money will circulate within the community.

Nahoko Shimizu

Representative Director
General incorporated association "Yuzuriha"
Nahoko Shimizu

"Create and deepen people-to-people connections
Agreeing with objectives of Nature & Future Inc.

"Yuzuriha" is a leaf symbolizing the passing of life to the next generation. In Japan, we use it for New Year's decorations. At Yuzuriha we aim to recover what has been lost in our present excessively capitalistic society which places too much value on earning money. We want to rethink what is good for society and re-structure it for the next generation.

After the earthquake, we realized again the importance of our theme, "warm-hearted money" as a way to create or spend money to connect or deepen connections between people and between people and nature, and circulate it within the local region.

The objective of Nature & Future Inc. is not just to provide energy. I believe it is a very significant work which connects people to people, people to culture and draws the region together. It's the responsibility of we adults to leave a beautiful earth environment to the next generation. This is a serious message from the next generation.