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Corporate Info Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(1)Personal Information Protection Policy
Nature & Future Inc. (referred to below as "Our Company") will comply with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" (Act No. 57, 2003) and manage personal information appropriately.
(2)Definition of "Personal Information"
Personal information includes name, phone number, e-mail address, work place, or information which can identify a person.
(3)Collection/Usage of Personal Information
Our Company will use personal information only for the objectives listed below. We will collect /use personal information within these limits. Our collection/usage of information is voluntary from the information provider and if the information provider submits such information, it is taken that he/she has agreed to our privacy policy and that we may use personal information according to the policy.
  1. Communication and confirmation on inquiry about our company's business
  2. Communication and confirmation from our company required to conduct business
  3. Collecting opinions in order to improve product quality
(4) Personal Information provided to a third party
Unless required by law/regulation, our company will not disclose/provide personal information to a third party.
(5)Managing Personal Information
In order to prevent information leakage, loss and damage,our company will assign a Manager responsible for protecting and securing personal Information in an appropriate manner.
(6)Inquiry, correction or deletion of information
If an information provider inquires or makes a request to correct or delete information provided to our company, we will verify personal identification and respond within adequate and reasonable time-frame.
(7)Opinion, complaint or objection related to personal information
If a information provider is not following our policy, please contact us as listed. We will try to act appropriately regarding your request.
Inquiry about Personal Information Protection Policy :
Nature & Future Inc.
Manager responsible for Protecting Personal Information: Aya Hoshiko