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Top Message

All for the future of the earth - President and CEO, Aya Hoshiko

In recent years the earth is increasingly afflicted by symptoms of global warming such as sudden heavy rain falls, flooding, draught, agriculture problems, rising sea-levels and heat waves. Natural disasters and economic loss due to climate change has been happening throughout the world on a scale and frequency never seen before. Expectations are high for international organizations and governments to react to these environmental problems, and for companies to create environmentally friendly products and to act in an environmentally friendly manner. Promoting environmentally management is now expected as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

However, I believe we are entering an era in which just taking care of corporate responsibility (CSR) is not enough. Rather, companies must now accept responsibility for the future (SFR *1). Human-beings now need to recognize what is happening on the earth, to look ahead for the future, to join together to solve problems and be active in their roles for a better future.

In order for human beings to survive, the existence of nature is essential.
At Nature & Future Inc, we are a company which sees food oil waste as "a resource from the earth," not "garbage" that has a role as "a renewable energy" to create a sustainable society. Our product, "ReESEL"*2 has the highest quality in Japan. I wish "ReESEL", a locally produced and consumed energy and its manufacturing technology, will be highly demanded by the local community and eventually spread from our local region to major cities, and then to the world. I also wish that through this business, we can achieve our “Social Future Responsibility”, and with the people-to-people connections created by ReESEL, we will be able to enjoy an earth enriched by nature. As a pioneer sustainable energy producer, Nature & Future Inc. will continue to play an important role in encouraging and creating a market sympathetic to a sustainable society.

*1 SFR - Social Future Responsibility

*2 ReESEL - Recycle Ester Diesel Fuel

Policy Guideline

Our guideline to realize a sustainable society is the "equation for a beautiful future"

L(a+b+c+d) = Beautiful Future --- L:Love a:Action b:Beauty c:Connect d:dream

In order to create a beautiful future, what's important is that each person takes action, seeks beauty in their life style, connects with others, and talks about their dreams. To all of this, "Love" is essential.