Nature & Future Inc.

JAPAN Area's Future  Leading Company

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Company Name Nature & Future Inc.
Promote regional sustainable environmental friendly energy
  • - Collect of food oil waste
  • - Manufacture and sell ReESEL
  • - WAKUWAKU Oil-field Project
  • - Sell Offset Credits
Representative Representative Director, Aya Hoshiko
List of Directors President and Chief Executive Officer, Aya Hoshiko
Executive Vice President, Hiroyuki Yamada
Director, Ryuichi Shinnaga
Director, Hirokazu Yoshihira
Director, Toshikazu Yabuuchi
Auditor, Toshio Kuriya
Special Adviser Hiroyuki Yonemitsu
Mineo Nakayama
Keisuke Ogasawara
Capitalization ¥24,000,000 (As of August 2016)
Founded April 1st, 2010
Number of employees 4 (As of October 1st, 2016)
Location 1-4-17 Shinkou Nishi-ku Kumamoto-city Kumamoto
Main Banks
  • Higo Bank
  • Kumamoto Bank
Key Customers
  • Ishisaka Group
  • Kyushu Sanpai Ltd
  • Kyudenko Corporation Tamana Branch Office
  • Koua Kensetsu Ltd
  • Tamana Recycle Plaza Ltd
  • Tenei Industrial Ltd
  • Toko Sekiyu Ltd
  • Maeda Sangyo Ltd
  • Hoshiyama Shouten Ltd
  • Maruko Kensetsu Ltd, etc.


2016.10Joined Kumamoto's living, people and festival "Water lantern (Mizu Akari)"(Opened a booth for Nature & Future Inc.)
2016.9.9Article published in morning issue (Demolition work of Uto City Hall Main building)
2016.9Uto-City, Nishimatsu Kensetsu Ltd., Nature & Future Ltd. concluded three party agreement (Demolition work of Uto City Hall Main building)
2016.9Kumamoto nichinichi Shimbun September 11, article published in morning issue (Demolition work of Uto City Hall Main building)
2016.9Articles related to Demolition work of Uto City Hall Main building were published
Nishinippon Shimbun (September 22), Free News App Gunosy, (September 22), Yahoo! News (September 23), Asahi Shimbun (September 24), Sankei Shimbun (September 29)
2016.9Broad casting companies (KKT,RKK,TKU,KAB) reported news about Uto-City, Nishimatsu Kensetsu Ltd., Nature & Future Ltd. concluded three party agreement regarding demolition work of Uto City Hall
2016.8Used ReESEL made from wasted food oil collected from citizen of Uto for demolition work of Uto City Hall
2016.8Started to use ReESEL fuel in Kumamoto Prefecture public managed disposal site(ECOA Kumamoto)
2016.8Used B100 fuel for the lantern parade of the Yamaga lantern festival
Article published in a social innovation magazine! "alterna!" and Yahoo! News.
2016.4Used ReESEL fuel for generator in "Sojo University Volunteer Village," a free lodging for a victims of Kumamoto Earthquake
2016.4RKBbroadcast,In the program "World number one Kyushu has began!", our company was introduced.
2016.4Due to the shortage of the fuel caused by the Kumamoto Earthquake and based on a request of the Kumamoto Prefecture, supplied ReESEL fuel for emergency vehicle (100 vehicles, more than 30t)
2016.4Due to the shortage of the fuel caused by the Kumamoto Earthquake and based on a request of the Kumamoto Prefecture, suppled ReESEL fuel to diesel generators in Minami-Aso Village evacuation shelters for victims.
2016.3As a business expands, moved and opened new factory in Nishi-ku Kumamoto-city
2016.1Article published in Nishinihon Shimbun
2015.12Started using regenerated bio-fuel for backfilling of headrace tunnel for removal work of Arase Hydro-electric dam.
2015.10Keynote Speech in the 3rdSustainable International conference (Kita-Kyushu City)
2015.9Lecture in "TEDxFUKUOKA2015" at Papillion24 Gas Hall (Hakata-ku Fukuoka-city)
2015.8Used B100 for a lantern fuel in "Izumi-townancient burial moundfestival," Izumi-town Tamana-county Kumamoto Prefecture"
2015.5Lecture in Prefectural University of Kumamoto
2015.4Introduced as a BDF supplier within Kyushu region in "the Guideline for using Bio-diesel fuel in the constructing industry," issued by Japan Federation of Construction Contractors
2015.3Attend a panel discussion in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
2014.8Article published in Nihon Keizai Shimbun
2014.3Members of Kumamoto prefectural assembly visited our factory
2014.2Kumamoto Prefecture Deputy Governor visited our factory
2014.1Interviewed from TV Kumamoto
2013.12Kumamoto Gakuen University Oil-field Project, buses in the university started to use B100 fuel
2013.12"Prevention of global warming Minister of Environment Award" Awarded by the Ministry of Environment
2013.12Article published in Kumamoto Nichinich Shimbun
2013.12Toko Sekiyu Ltd started to sell B5 fuel
2013.7Started Kumamoto Gakuen University Oil-field Project
2013.7Selected from Ministry of Environment and Kumamoto Prefecture as "Environmental Education Disseminating Activity based on Northern Kumamoto Prefecture's local BDF
2013.7Recived "Kumamoto Sustainable Society Award" from Kumamoto Prefecture
2013.4Selected as a local economic sustainable project by Ministry of Internal Affair and Communications (Cooperated project with Toko Sekiyu Ltd) "Disseminate BDF fuel including whole Kumamoto citizens and creation of sustainable Kumamoto prefecture's economic and energy project"
2013.2Article published in Kumamoto Nichinich Shimbun
2013.1Started to Sell methanol especially for BDF(original)
2012.11Started Tamana oil-field
2012.8Established "Kumamoto Bio-Diesel Fuel utilization promotion association
2012.8Started to install wasted food oil collecting spot within Kumamoto prefecture as a part of WAKUWAKU oil-field project
2012.6Started Environmentally friendly -Kumamoto Prefecture Oil-field project
2012.3Received Offset Credit Certification (J-VE R361t-CO2) established by Ministry of Environment in Japan
2011.5Used fuel (B100 fuel) for a generator in the Kumamoto Environmental fair
2011.4Registered for an Offset Credit(J-VER) Project, a scheme established by Ministry of Environment of Japan
2011.2Received a license of recycling organization from Kumamoto-city
2011.4Nature & Future Ltd. Has been established