Nature & Future Inc.

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Our Business Wakuwaku Oil Field Project

Through the kindness
of local people
we create our "oil field".

Nature & Future Inc., collects
food oil waste at "WAKUWAKU oil-field spots".
This becomes the resource re-born as "ReESEL",
a low-environmental-impact and high-quality diesel oil,
returned to your local area as a
local energy source.

Wakuwaku Oil Field Project

"WAKUWAKU Oil-field spot"

Household food oil waste is usually disposed of as garbage.
But, wait a minute! Do you know that food oil waste can be recycled and reused?
At Nature & Future Inc., we produce "ReESEL" diesel fuel, which has a low-environmental-impact and yet is a high-quality fuel. Thus, waste becomes a local energy source. Please bring this important and MOTTAINAI* resource to "WAKUWAKU Oil-field spot". If you care for the environment, together we can realize a beautiful future.

*MOTTAINAI is a Japanese term conveying a sense of regret concerning waste. See (

Create a "WAKUWAKU Oil-field spot"

We are looking for people who can support us in collecting food oil waste. You too can help realize a beautiful future. Please let us install collection boxes at shops, companies, schools or meeting places, wherever people will gather.

_Nature & Future will come once a month to collect the food oil waste.
_Please utilize this as a part of company or organization’s CSR activities.

Collecting business-use food oil waste

Be free from the stress of managing/storing food oil waste.

Nature & Future Inc. is providing services to collect food oil waste on a regular basis from shops and factories. We go directly to the food-oil waste storage area, so you don’t have to go through the trouble. Our service has been highly evaluated from the start. Recycle oil waste as a resource.

This is a perfect CSR activity.

The collected food oil waste will become material for "ReESEL". We also reuse residue from the process of making ReESEL, so we use the food oil waste completely and it will be recycled 100%. Not only do you reduce waste from your shop/factory, you contribute to the environment as well.