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Our Business Actual Utilization

Some examples of clients who support our aims to realize "a beautiful future" and participate in creating a sustainable society using "ReESEL."

General Contractors Association

Demolition Uto City Hall

Food oil waste collected from Uto citizens is being refined and reborn as ReESEL for use as fuel for heavy machinery during the demolition work. This construction is the result of collaboration between the citizens, the city government and local companies, and is a new project model for sustainable society. Delivery destination: Nishimatsu Kensetsu

Filling in of a water tunnel related to demolition of the Arase Hydroelectric Dam

Tunnels have extremely poor ventilation. Since ReESEL fuel is less toxic and has a low environmental impact, it was used in refilling a water tunnel from Arase Hydroelectric Dam to the power plant to improve working environment for workers.

Delivery destination: Fujita, Nakayama Kensetsu JV

Construction of the Kumamoto Prefecture Public Disposal site(ECOA Kumamoto).

ReESEL was used in the construction of the Kumamoto Prefecture Public Industrial Waste Disposal site (closed, non-effluent type), ECOA Kumamoto.

Delivery destination: Kajima Corporation

Construction of Kyushu Oudan Expressway

ReESEL was used in road construction of the Kyushu Oudan Expressway, which is being built to develop tourism within Central Kyushu, connecting Beppu, Yufuin, Kujyu, Aso, Kumamoto, Unzen and Nagasaki.

Delivery destination: Hashiguchisako Sangyo Unyu

National route 445 Seme bypass tunnnel construction

Kumamoto Prefecture is building national road 445 and ReESEL was used in construction work of the Seme bypass tunnel in Itsuki-village Kuruma-gun.

User:Toda, Marushou, Ajioka, Hashiguchi special construction joint venture

Industrial Waste Association

Use of ReESEL in waste-carrying and other vehicles

Using ReESEL in recycle and waste disposal business further contributes to creating a sustainable society, improving the environment and pass down resources to future generations.

User: Valuable Resource Recovery Association, Ishizaka Grou

ReESEL used for heavy machinery used in demolishing work and collection vehicles

Hoshiyama Group's business includes processing and sale of scrap-iron and nonferrous metals, building demolishing and industrial waste disposal. They use ReESEL in their business operations, for the heavy machine used in demolishing and collection vehicles.

User: Hoshiyama Shouten Group Ltd.

ReESEL used for vehicles and heavy machinery

Aiming for a sustainable society, Kyushu Sanpai's operations vary from industrial waste disposal business to energy business. They use sustainable energy ReESEL in their business operations for various vehicles and heavy machinery.

User:Kyushu Sanpai Ltd.

ReESEL used for collection vehicles, disposal heavy machinery

An industrial waste disposal facility with the goal of ""coexisting harmoniously with nature"" collects, recycles and disposes the waste from modern lifestyle. In order to become more environmentally considerate and create a fusion of a through disposal system and regional sustainable energy, they use ReESEL for their collection vehicle and disposal heavy machinery.

User: Tamana Recycle Plaza

ReESEL used for heavy machinery in construction and demolition work

In consideration of the environment, Tenei uses ReSEL fuel for heavy machinery in waste collection, transporting and disposal, and demolition or construction work.

User: Tenei Industrial Ltd.

Kumamoto Earthquake (2016)

Supplied ReESEL fuel for emergency vehicles which gathered outside of Kumamoto

Kumamoto Earthquake, which was a disaster of extreme severity, caused serious damage to road infrastructure, leading to a serious shortage of fuel supply. Vehicles which were unable to refuel couldn't move.

Kumamoto Prefecture requested supplies ReESEL, which is a substitute for diesel fuel and can alsobe used for heavy machinery, without causing any of the problems encountered in the past. Consequently, we provided 30 tons of ReESEL to 100 emergency vehicles. There were no reports of problems in the vehicles which used ReESEL and they were able to accomplish their mission.

Delivery destination: Kumamoto Prefecture

Provided ReESEL for diesel generators in the Minami-Aso Village evacuation facility

Based on a request from Kumamoto Prefecture, we provided ReESEL for generators in evacuation facility in Minami-Aso Village, which sustained devastating damage with the collapse of the Minami-Aso Bridge and large scale land slides. Because of this, Minami-Aso villagers were able to secure urgent lifelines.

Delivery destination: Kumamoto Prefecture

Provided ReESEL fuel for generator in Sojo University Volunteer Village

ReESEL, a local energy, was used to power diesel generators in free lodgings for victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake within Sojo University Campus.

Delivery destination: Kumamoto Prefecture

ReESEL used for heavy machinery that disposes disaster garbage in Mashiki town

ReESEL, a local energy from Kumamoto that was used for the heavy machinery that handled the debris caused by the Kumamoto earthquake at the disaster garbage storage site in the former Mashikichuo Elementary School.

Delivery destination: Shimamoto Construction Co., Ltd. Recycling Center

ReESEL used in heavy machinery that disposed disaster garbage in Mifune town

ReESEL, a local energy of Kumamoto was used for the heavy machinery to handle the debris by the Kumamoto earthquake at the disaster garbage storage site in Mifune Town People's Ground.

Delivery destination: Kawaguchi Sangyo Ltd.