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Created by everyone's wish to protect the future Social Responsible Energy "ReESEL"

Using an original method, Nature & Future Inc. produces and sells ultra-high-purity bio-diesel fuel, "ReESEL". Quality is the best in Japan and it our advanced technology overcomes problems which occurred in former bio-diesel fuel. Amazingly, it uses household food oil waste, creating a very environmentally-friendly product.

ReESEL is a socially responsible energy born from people who care for the environment and the future. Express your feeling for the future by using ReESEL!


ReESEL is the only Bio-Diesel Fuel which meets all 26 criteria of JIS-K2391 standard.

Results of analysis by Nippon Kaiji Kentei showed that ReESEL meets all 26 criteria of JIS-K2390. Moreover, the ratio of methyl ester, a component needed for fuel, is 99.8% which greatly exceeds the JIS standard (as of December 2013)

ReESELエビデンス 一般社団法人 日本海事検定協会 分析証明書 一般社団法人 日本海事検定協会 分析証明書2 バイオディーゼル燃料における品質規格の比較

What is biodiesel fuel?

Biodiesel fuel is a liquid fuel which adds methanol to vegetable oils (rapeseed oil, sun-flower oil, palm oil, etc). A chemical reaction occurs which methylizes the vegetable oil and removes byproduct such as a glycerin, decreasing viscosity to only double that of regular diesel oil.

- You can use it in diesel engines as an alternative for diesel fuel
- It is carbon neutral and fuel combustion does not increase the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere
- It is much less toxic compared to diesel fuel and there is almost no sulphur xxide(SOx)
- The amount of CO2 emission is reduced, helping to prevent global warming
- Since it is uses food oil waste derived from vegetable oil, you can contribute to the environment and local economy by using renewable energy.

Recycle Ester Diesel fuel - 5 Characteristics of ReESEL

Renewable energy derived from vegetable oil

Many bio-diesel fuels are manufactured from food oil waste. It is different from energy arriving from far away, such as from the Middles East, United States of America, and Russia. We recycle a waste which is produced as people live, so it becomes a resource, feeding into a circular cycle of energy which is locally produced and locally consumed.

Nature & Future Inc. Carbon Neutral Framework

CO2There is no CO2 emission.

ReESEL is made from disposed food oil derived from vegetable oils (including oil from rapeseed, soy, sesame, sunflower, safflower, corn, olive etc.). These vegetables absorb CO2 in the atmosphere while they grow, and ReESEL emits only avery small amount of CO2. So, looking at the total cycle, we can say that actual CO2 emission is zero.
Food-oil-waste biodiesel fuel is drawing increasing attention as an effective energy which will help prevent global warming and lead to a sustainable society.

Emission level of substances  causing global warming (regular automobile gasoline car rated as 1.0)

Clean Diesel Great reduction in black exhaust and sulphur oxide

The amount of black exhaust, which is said to cause various pathogenic diseases, from ReESEL is 1/3 that of regular diesel fuel. ReESEL emissions also contain very little sulphur oxide(Sox) which is carcinogenic and can cause atopic allergy and respiratory disease such as infantile asthma and bronchitis, as well as acid rain.

Black smoke Black smoke is said to cause various pathogenic diseases and has many suspended particulates which can cause a respiratory problems.
Sulphur Oxide(SOX) Fossil fuels such as crude oil and coal contain sulphur and generate sulphur oxide gas when burned. This gas is colorless but has an acrid smell, and it can be a cause of acid rain since it is water-soluble. It can kill plants and cause respiratory disease.

Multi Output & Use Several types of energy can be produced from disposed food oil.

During the process of producing biodiesel fuel from food oil waste, we can also manufacture glycerol and A‐type heavy oil. These byproducts can be used in glycerol detergent, and as an energy source for agricultural and fishery use.

You can use this as an alternative to diesel fuel for diesel engines!!
- Can be used for vehicles with ordinary diesel engines without remodeling.
- No problems using ReESEL in vehicles equipped with the latest common rail diesel engine!
- Fuel efficiency and running performance is almost equal to diesel fuel. You can use it as an alternative to diesel fuel for diesel engines.

Local Energy Community power produces energy

We believe the greatest advantage of biodiesel fuel is that you can create this energy locally. Create the energy you need by yourselves and consume it locally. Biodiesel fuel plays an important role in realizing a sustainable society.

  1. (1)Original "Vacuum Distillation" Apparatus
      →Refines fatty acid methylester into ultra‐high 99.9% pure fuel
  2. (2) Electrostatic biodiesel fuel cleaner
      →Complete removal of contaminants from refined fatty acid methylester Biodiesel cars have not been popular because of the conventional image that old-style diesel vehicles were smelly and dirty.
This was caused by the low quality of biodiesel fuel in the past. We focused on developing a production method which would remove the sludge causing these troubles. The result is a production method called "High-purity biodiesel refining apparatus" (VD200), or Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

Supplying Socially Responsible Energy

Nature & Future Inc. makes ReESEL from an ingredient which we collect with the heartful support of local society and refine it to be a "Socially Responsible Energy." Based on the premise that important energy given by local people will be consumed in the local area, we would like everyone to use it for various occasions such as company activities, local festivals and daily life. We will give concrete form to the hopes of all our customer’s social contribution.