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Our Business Social Future Responsibility

From CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to SFR (Social Future Responsibility). We would like to propose what role companies can play in creating a beautiful future. Companies are increasingly adopting CSR and establishing environment departments as they are more aware of corporate responsibilities in society. Nature & Future Inc. will support companies to grow beyond CSR to SFR (Social Future Responsibility) with a view to responsibility for the future . We will respond to various requests from customers in different fields and departments in a conscientious manner.

planning departments
We will support your environmental strategy planning and action implementation to assist you in fulfilling your corporate Social and Future Responsibility vision,

  • - Would like to manufacture ReESEL
  • - Would like to plan a "green event" using ReESEL
  • - Would like to develop company's SFR
  • - Would like to implement environmental offset

Would like to hold event(s) to cement community relations and fulfill responsibilities for the future

Establish an Oil-field Collection SpotClick
Use ReESEL in a eventClick

Would like to manufacture ReESEL in order to provide clients a safe bio-diesel fuel

ReESEL manufacturing consulting business
Bio-Diesel fuel manufacturing businessClick

At the factory
Improving quality through use of ReESEL energy
Supporting environmental education for employees, schools, etc.

  • - Would like to do a factory tour
  • - Would like to know more about ReESEL and quality
  • - Would like to use in environmental education

As part of employee training, we would like to do a factory tour

ReESEL factory tour, environmental education

Would like to check ReESEL quality before using it

Explanation of manufacturing process by person in charge of the factory, ReESEL Test

Create a beautiful future together
"WAKUWAKU Oil-Field Spot" participation

  • - Would like to create an Oil-Field Spot
  • - Would like to supply food oil waste
  • - Would like to use fuel

Would like to create a food oil waste collection spot for a beautiful future

"WAKUWAKU Oil-field project Click
Report on Contribution to Environmental Future

Would like to use ReESEL

ReESEL usage test, delivery planning